Secure Ideas is an independent security-consulting firm focused on providing organizations with the services needed to improve the security posture of their computing and network environment. We offer a number of security services that help our clients understand the vulnerabilities and risks to their information technology systems, such as:

  • web application penetration testing
  • mobile application and infrastructure testing
  • wired and wireless network penetration testing
  • security architecture reviews
  • social engineering and physical penetration testing
  • social networking assessments
  • presentations and trainings

In addition to our consulting services, we also provide a cloud-based security assessment subscription tool that includes web, network, and user awareness testing called Scout. Our Secure Ideas experts are also internationally known for their involvement in a wide array of teaching, speaking, and open-source projects.

Our goal is to partner with your organization to assist in improving its security posture. 

Please contact us at to discuss how Secure Ideas can assist you and your organization in reaching your security goals.