• March 19-21, 2019
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Welcome to Secure Ideas!

Our expert team of security consultants is trained to think evil so we can help improve your security posture.

Your Professionally Evil Team

Secure Ideas is an independent security-consulting and penetration testing firm focused on providing organizations with the services and knowledge needed to improve the security posture of their computing and network environment. Our services are designed to not just identify vulnerabilities, but to provide actionable recommendations and to promote a Security State of Mind.

The core of our service offerings is comprised of a talented team of Security Consultants and Penetration Testers who have experience with security assessments for networks, web applications, mobile apps, social engineering, physical security, embedded, wireless and more.

To augment penetration testing, Secure Ideas offers Scout: a service designed for frequent testing at a competitive price point. Scout can accommodate several types of tests, including network, web applications, PCI, and users.

Secure Ideas believes we need more good-guy hackers out there if we are to keep up with the bad guys, so we do what we can to share our knowledge. This includes webcasts, recorded content, and full-fledged hands-on training.

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