Eric Kuehn

Before coming to Secure Ideas, Eric spent close to 20 years working with Microsoft infrastructures for large Fortune 100 companies. Since its release, his core focus has been Active Directory. He was the technical leader and responsible for the engineering and architecture of one of the most complex and largest AD infrastructures used by one of the world’s largest banks. This included ongoing maintenance and major enhancements of not only a highly secure authentication environment, but also of all the supporting tool sets required to monitor its health and integrity. This experience has given Eric a very strong knowledge of a variety of Microsoft products and best practices.

Computers are People Too

There are those rare times during pen tests, when you are on a client’s network and you don’t have any valid domain credentials but you do have local admin on a windows device joined to the client’s domain.  Perhaps you’ve exploited a vulnerability on a system that grants you local admin rights. Or maybe you’re …

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Android App Testing on Chromebooks

Update: As of March 2021, I’d recommend using Android Virtual Devices over Chromebooks.  Chromebooks still work (in many cases) but the AVDs are much easier to build and use. Jason wrote a great blog on how to set them up and can be found here:  If you are still interested in using a Chromebook, …

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Watching yOUr Permissions

Often, one of the main goals of a pen tester is to get Domain Admin (DA) rights in a client’s Windows network.  But why do we want to get that level of access? For some, it may just be the satisfaction of navigating far enough to compromise the DA account.  But, in reality, gaining DA …

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