Jason Gillam

Jason Gillam is Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Secure Ideas and an IANS faculty member. He has over 20 years of industry experience in enterprise software development, system architecture, and application security. Jason has spent most of his career in technical leadership roles ranging from startups to fortune 100 companies and has learned the business acumen necessary to advise everyone from developers to senior executives on security and architecture.

Security Review of Nest Camera

I love tinkering with home automation and security solutions.  The simplicity of turning on a light bulb with a voice command makes me giddy, and I totally geek out over building scripts with more complex interactions between multiple devices.  So, I recently purchased an Outdoor Nest Camera to point at my driveway for monitoring purposes …

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Equifax Breach: Why I am not surprised

The Equifax breach, announced in September 2017, is said to potentially impact some 143 million Americans.  At this point in time Equifax has not shared many details about the breach except the numbers and that the information was extracted through a web application vulnerability.  Despite the lack of details, we can make some educated guesses …

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Cloud-Base Host Discovery Is Easier Than You Think!

During a recent conversation at DerbyCon it occurred to me that some security folks who are just dipping their toes into AWS are struggling a lot with the idea that cloud (EC2) instances keep popping up spontaneously. Developers and their agile / devops / continuous deployment methodologies are creating a chaotic mess of the network that has …

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Wireless Attacking EAP-TTLS with Kali 2 and ALFA AWUS051NH

Is your corporate wifi as secure as you think it is? A common configuration for WPA Enterprise wireless networks is to use a combination of PEAP (Protected EAP) and EAP-TTLS (Tunneled Transport Layer Security). Though this configuration solves several issues found in other configurations, it (sometimes) also has its own fatal flaw. If a client …

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Five Outdated Security Excuses

The Security Industry as a whole has been known to criticize businesses large and small with respect to how they manage security.   Why does it so often seem like an after-thought?  How is it that today we still frequently find that security teams are understaffed (or not at all), that business decisions involving sensitive information are made without …

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