Encryption – CISSP Domain 3

We’re circling back to some more CISSP-related materials.  Today’s topic will be encryption, which can be found in CISSP Domain 3. By its very nature, encryption is meant to hide the meaning or intent of a communication from unintended recipients.  This process takes place when a message is converted from plain text (text that is …

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Encoding – CISSP Domain 3

Today we’re going to take a quick look at encoding, as covered in Domain 3 of the CISSP common body of knowledge (CBK). There is often some confusion between encoding and encryption, so one of the purposes of this article is to look at how the CBK defines encoding. Encoding is the action of changing …

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What is Physical Security?

What’s Physical Security? Ok, I’m just going to say it,  I’m a physical security guy in a IT security world.  So why physical security for IT? Easy, you can not have a secure network without a secure environment around it.  After all Physical Security is part of the CISSP isn’t it? I have conducted many …

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