Consulting Services

When you need security expertise:

The Secure Ideas team of consultants provides value and security expertise across a wide range of services! Each service is tailored to the specific context and needs of our clients.

Penetration Testing

Secure Ideas consultants are trained in performing many different types of penetration tests including network, web applications, mobile, wireless, physical, and more. To maintain consistent quality results, each penetration test is led by an experienced consultant and conducted using a standard testing methodology.

Secure Ideas does not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to penetration testing. Every client has variations in business processes, network topography, web applications, and so on. Secure Ideas works hard to ensure each client's specific needs are accounted for throughout the process. No matter what type of test is conducted, the primary goals are to identify and prioritize security risks and to provide remediation recommendations.

Security Consulting

Whether you need a full-scale Security Architecture Review or just need access to some security expertise, the Secure Ideas consultant team can help! We believe strongly in a collaborative approach to security, and have used this approach consistently while working with development, business, management and IT security teams.

Security Ideas consultants will work with each client to ensure they are providing quality, actionable recommendations. Our primary goal is to identify and prioritize security risks.

Security Training

Secure Ideas was built not only on a foundation of security expertise, but also on a foundation of security education. Our CEO, Kevin Johnson, is well known for his history of authoring and teaching for The SANS Institute. His passion for education is shared throughout the company.

Secure Ideas provides training classes on a variety of topics and for targeting a mixture of audiences. Examples include classes on web application penetration testing, mobile penetration testing, secure web development, and even security awareness aimed at a general audience. We will also tailor training to each audience, such as including PCI or HIPAA specific information as needed.

Why Us?

Because security isn't something you want to mess around with. You want to partner with a professional security company that has a proven track record. You also want a security company who is responsive, thoughtful, and flexible. That's us.

Why You?

Because we are very passionate about what we do, which means we truly care about your best interests where security is concerned.

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