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The world is full of threats to networks, applications, data, and people. Secure Ideas Scout is a suite of vulnerability assessment services designed to help businesses keep up with regular testing. Each Secure Ideas Scout service will identify security concerns within the organization, provide actionable recommendations, and offer support in understanding the current security risks.

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Scout SWAT (Scalable Web Application Triage) is a cloud-based high-level vulnerability assessment service that is designed to help companies maintain a handle on their global web application assets and prioritize applications for further testing.

SWAT attempts to provide the following features and benefits:

  • Determine the web sites with the highest risk to the organization
  • Detect misconfigurations on the public domains within the organization
  • Assess content management systems (CMS) and other platforms for known issues

Networks are in a constant state of flux as technology teams rush to meet the needs of their business operations. Many organizations have little idea what devices and applications are actually present on their networks or how they are connected internally or externally. Unfortunately what you don't know CAN hurt you. Secure Ideas' NetworkScout can help fill that knowledge gap, thereby strengthening your security position.

NetworkScout offers both internal and external network assessments. Using modern scanning techniques combined with manual verification techniques, NetworkScout provides organizations with an understanding of their existing security issues.

  • Identify Existing Network Assets
  • Internal And External Options
  • Identify Security Weaknesses
Subscriptions are based on the size of the network being tested and is priced per scan on a subscription basis.

Today's web applications are more complex than ever and with these complexities come increased vulnerabilities. Secure Ideas' WebScout is designed to help customers identify the vulnerabilities within their applications and give them the piece of mind that their applications are assessed regularly.

WebScout is more than a simple scan of your web application. Secure Ideas' security staff use manual testing techniques, combined with validation of automated scanning to provide a comprehensive vulnerability assessment. This combined testing allows Secure Ideas to provide WebScout customers with a better understanding of the flaws and risks their applications expose them too.

  • Automated and Manual Analysis
  • Consistent Scanning Schedules
  • Detailed Reporting Capabilities

Your organization's biggest asset and threat is your staff. Regular awareness training is the industry standard, but do you know if it's working? By using email and/or phone based social engineering attacks, UserScout allows you to help your users understand the role that they play in the company's security posture. These phishing attacks are widely regarded as one of the top threats to cyber security today. Secure Ideas provides a regular testing pattern that ensures that the organization is able to measure its awareness while not becoming obvious to the employees.

  • User Awareness Testing
  • Phone and Email Assessments
  • Low Key Testing

The PCI Security Standards Council requires certain organizations to use an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) on a quarterly basis in order to obtain and maintain PCI compliance with Data Security Standards (DSS). PCIScout from Secure Ideas LLC is an approved scanning solution for PCI DSS compliance.

PCIScout scans your externally-facing network for any security vulnerabilities that are relevant to your PCI DSS compliance status and provides a standard, actionable report. Some of the benefits of PCIScout include:

  • Enumerate externally-facing assets
  • Identify externally-facing vulnerabilities
  • Remediation steps for vulnerabilities that impact PCI DSS compliance
  • Meet PCI DSS v3.1 quarterly ASV scanning requirement (11.2.2)

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